Setting up ManyVPN Certificate on Microsoft Windows

I-)ManyVPN Certificate Installation on Microsoft Windows 7

First, download the ManyVPN Windows Connect.

-Unzip it and you'll see a file named "".
-Put that file in your Desktop.

Then follow this guide:

Unzip the certificate, put it on your Desktop and go to your Windows Start and type "Run" on the search

write "mmc" on the run window then click OK

On the Alert Window, just click Yes

Go to File then click Add/Remove Snap-in...

Choose Certificates then click Add

Choose Computer account then click next

Now Click Finish

Click the button OK

go to trusted root certification, click certificates, all tasks and import

click Next

click the button browse the ManyVPN certificate location

Choose desktop, go to the ManyVPN certificate directory and double click it

Click Next

insert the password of the certificate and click next

Place all certificates in trusted Root Certification Authorities and Next

Click Finish

the import was Successful, click OK

Click No, you don't need to save the Console

Well done! Now you can follow the guide for SSTP VPN Setup under Microsoft Windows.

II-) ManyVPN Certificate Installation on Microsoft Windows 8,8.1, 9 and 10

First, download the certificate inside ManyVPN Windows Connect
Under Microsoft Windows 8,8.1, 9 and 10, importing the certificate is easy:
-Unzip it and place the "" certificate in your Desktop
-Just double click, then
-Choose "Local Machine"

Choose Local Machine

Install the certificate on your Local Machine. Type in the password[email protected]!VPN89, select manual certificate placements and select the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities.

You can always check your computer certificate store to see if it installed correctly.

Choose Trusted Root Certification Autorities

When you finished to import successfuly the certificate to Trusted Root Certification Authorities, you can follow the guide for SSTP VPN Setup under Microsoft Windows.

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