Setting up OpenVPN Tunnel Blick on Mac OS X

In order to configure Tunnel Blick, you need to download Tunnel Blick and OpenVPN Tunnel Blick files.

A- Double click Tunnelblick:
Double click Tunnelblick

B. Click Open when asked to
Click Open button

C. While installing Tunnelblick, you need to enter your admin user's credentials from time to time. The first time the admin credentials are needed to change the ownership and permissions of the Tunnelblick executables. Enter your admin credentials and click OK.
Admin pass

D. Click Launch.
Click Launch button

E. First run
 configuration dialogs are displayed. Click I have configuration files.
Click I have configuration files
                      Click OpenVPN configuration(s) to use the previously downloaded configuration file:
                      Click OpenVPN Configuration
F. Go to the ManyVPN OpenVPN clients repertory and double click the region .ovpn of your choice then click button: "Only Me"
Manyvpn ovpn double click and choose Only Me

Select “Input your Mac Admin pass
Input your Mac Pass

Just click OK on the following dialog.

HClick "VPN Details" on Tunnelblick icon on the top right, 
Click connect Manyvpn

ISelect latest OpenVPN version:

select latest Openvpn version

J- Insert the following info:

  • Insert Username provided by ManyVPN
  • Insert Password provided by ManyVPN
  • Check “Save in Keychain” to save account details
  • Click “OK
Manyvpn username and password

K- After few seconds, the VPN connecting status screen will appear as following:

Manyvpn connected


L- You are connected now. Enjoy ManyVPN!

To disconnect VPN:

Click on Tunnelblick icon from Menu bar and select Disconnect.
Note: If your internet stop working after disconnecting then follow below steps:

– Click on Tunnelblick icon form Menu bar and select VPN Details….
– Select the country you want to connect and click on Advanced.
– Now select “Reset the Primary interface after disconnecting”

Caution: If you are looking for higher security, then please follow this guide to disable your IPv6

 In ManyVPN, you can modify our .ovpn client, choose many port to connect to our VPN, such as: 53 (DNS), 80, 443, 992, 1194 (pure OpenVPN), 1195, 8080, 8888 here.

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