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Unlimited call for America and Asia destinations - You can make unlimited call to:
Thailand – Mobiles and landlines
China – Mobiles and landlines
Hong Kong – Mobiles and landlines
Canada – Mobiles and landlines
USA – Mobiles and landlines
India – Mobiles and landlines
Singapore – Mobiles and landlines
Many more countries, very soon ...!

You just install this app by opening to a new tab of your browser or copy the link to the clipboard and open it later, then signup or we can signup for you: 


Currently, we are selling for Asia call, and other continents very soon, here is the process:
Just tell us (Wechat 微信 id: hostbenefit) the number (from the countries list) you want to call, then we'll give you a number that you'll call from the app that you installed before to join your correspondent. That's it! You can also tell us other number so we may change your correspondent by calling the same number that we gave to you. No destination limit! you can call many correspondents as you want! So easy!
And more!Your correspondent can call you from the same phone number that we gave to you to call you directly to your cellphone if you're from the location list, your cellphone doesn't need internet in that time, because will pass directly to your SIM Card (your phone number)!

Future services: soon, you can also send an unlimited SMS + sending and receiving online Fax with your phone number!

Our low price:

One day: 10 RMB (Yuan Chinese)
3 days: 25 RMB (Yuan Chinese)
One week: 45 RMB (Yuan Chinese)
Every month: 115 RMB (Yuan Chinese) or $18

Just follow this link to buy your voice callGet YOUR CHEAPEST INTERNATIONAL CALL

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